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What is the average salary of an Indian news anchor and editor?
Arvind Bhatnagar

Arvind Bhatnagar

An Insider's Look at Indian News Anchor Salaries

Beneath the glamour, the precise news delivery, lies a job that is as demanding as it's archetypal. We are talking about the role of news anchors in the Indian media industry. But ask me, "Arvind, what is the typical earning of an Indian news editor or anchor?" Well, hold onto your mugs of chai or coffee folks, because the numbers might surprise you. It's like uncovering the secret spice in Anika’s delicious biryani – full of unexpected flavours and depth!

The Variability in Paychecks

Just like the Indian masala box, the average salary of an Indian news anchor and editor is as diverse as they come. I remember a time when my wife, Anika, showed me the salary range in a similar profession. It was like a roller coaster ride. Such is the compensation in this industry - subject to the prominence of the medium, the individual's expertise, popularity and even the location of the station. It's like watching a thrilling cricket match where the lead intermittently falls into different hands.

Ground Zero: The Starting Salary

Now, bear with me here, people. The start might seem a tad grim. Picture this: Fresh graduates from journalism and mass communication backgrounds venturing into the media melee, what do they earn initially? Unfortunately, not a bonanza. The starting salary for news anchors or editors in India usually hovers around 20,000 to 30,000 INR per month. My first earnings weren't that far off either, so I can't really complain.

From Basic to Pro: Mid-level Salaries

But let's not lose heart just yet. With experience come perks, or rather, increased earning potential. Mid-level anchors and editors—who have typically been in the industry for about 5-10 years—attract salaries that range from 50,000 to 1 lakh INR per month. This is the stage where the fruit of their hard work starts to ripen, balance sheets start to make sense, and life becomes less about instant noodles and more about family meals.

Rolling in the Big Bucks: Salaries of the Stars

Of course, the best is reserved for the last. This is the league where the crème de la crème of anchors and editors play. The anchors who enjoy immense popularity and the editors who have turned the smallest scoops into the biggest news stories. Their paychecks can spiral upwards of 10 lakh INR per month or even more, comparable to the top-tier establishments in the world. They're the ones savoring the most exquisite biryani, if you know what I mean.

Stepping Up the Ladder: Tips for Aspiring Journalists

Success in this field, like many fields, calls for perseverance, grounding oneself in authentic journalism practices, a yearning for truth and accuracy, and the drive to make a difference. Make your way up, in your unique style, one story at a time. Curate stories and information that resonate with the viewers. As my journey from a simple bloke in Perth to a blogger has shown me, growth and prosperity find their path when passion drives the voyage.

News Editors: Champions Behind the Screen

While news anchors often steal the limelight, it's the news editors working away behind the scenes who shape the course of the news content. They are the linchpins responsible for the accurate, responsible, and ethical representation of news. A good news editor is the guardian angel the world needs but seldom acknowledges. Anika always reminds me that every grand meal starts with meticulous preparation behind the scenes, and I can't help but draw parallels.

Navigating the Wealth Divide: Encouraging a Fairer Distribution of Wealth

Even in the media industry, the unequal distribution of wealth cannot be ignored. While star anchors and seasoned editors earn paychecks that can make one's eyes pop, the newcomers and mid-level professionals often struggle to reconcile their passion for journalism with financial needs. It's a problem that needs addressing. Just as Anika and I believe in sharing the fruits of our efforts—with our family, loved ones, the less fortunate—media houses too should ensure a fair distribution of wealth, encouraging equality and fostering growth and development in this critical sector.

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